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Polymer Clay Cutter *7 Sizes 2 cut versions/WHALE/SUMMER/Digital .STL File * File For Use In A 3D Printer

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WHALE CUTTER IN 7 SIZES: 20mm-25mm-30mm-35mm-40mm-45mm-50mm

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Hello! Welcome to EULITEC, the digital file store for 3D printing. We are experts in creating innovative designs for crafters like you. In our store you will find a wide variety of digital files to print on your 3D printer.

⚠️It is important that you keep in mind that we do NOT sell physical items, but digital files that you can use on your 3D printer. After making your payment, you will be able to download the files to start printing your own creations. However, please note that digital files are non-refundable.

We want you to have the best experience using our digital files. For this reason, all our cutters are carefully tested to ensure that they are 100% functional. You can trust the quality of our designs!

Don't wait any longer and start creating your own masterpieces with our digital files!

WHALE CUTTER IN 7 SIZES: 20mm-25mm-30mm-35mm-40mm-45mm-50mm

I will describe the two cutting versions that we offer for our cutters:

Normal: This version has a 0.7mm cut wall, a 3mm solid base, and a 15mm height. The advantage of this type of cut is that you will get a clean and precise cut shape, ideal for cutting pieces of polymer clay with sharp, defined edges.

Sharp: This version has a 0.4mm cut wall, 1mm stand, 3mm solid base, and 15mm height. The advantage of this type of cut is that you will get a smooth and sharp cutting shape, ideal for cutting polymer clay pieces with curves or rounded shapes

Both versions are designed to cut polymer clay and are available in our digital file store to print on your 3D printer. Choose the version that best suits your needs and start creating your own masterpieces with our cutters.

It is important that you know that all our designs are protected by copyright and are licensed under Creative Commons. This means that you may use the digital files to print your own creations, but you may not modify, resell, give away, or share them without our prior permission.

However, if you want to sell the already printed items or the jewelry created in polymer clay based on our cutters, it is your right to do so, as long as the original designs are not modified and our copyrights are respected.

In short, you can use our digital files to print your own creations and sell the already printed items or jewelry created in polymer clay, but you cannot modify, resell, give away or share the original digital files without our prior authorization. Thanks for your understanding!

Next, I'll give you some basic parameter settings to print polymer clay cutters on your 3D printer:

Material: PLA (polylactic acid)
Layer height: 0.2mm
Filling: 20%
Printing speed: 50mm/s
Extrusion temperature: 210°C
Printing platform: Glass or BuildTak
Platform temperature: 60°C
Remember that these parameters are only a general guide and can vary depending on the type of 3D printer you have, the model of the cutter you are printing, and other factors. It is always important to test and adjust the print settings according to your needs and preferences.

I hope this information is useful to you. Happy printing!

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